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Governor, Legislature reach deal on K-12 funding and shared revenue

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Legislative Update Blog, State Budget

Gov. Evers and GOP legislative leaders have reached a deal on K-12 education funding in conjunction with shared revenue to local governments. The compromise touts over $1 billion in new spendable revenue to public schools and large increases to vouchers and charter school payments.

From the governor’s office press release

  • Providing more than $1 billion in spendable revenue for K-12 education to maintain two-thirds funding, including a $325 per pupil increase in each fiscal year on revenue limits;
  • Setting aside $50 million to improve reading and literacy outcomes for K-12 students (details for exact implementation of the funding have not yet been determined);
  • Providing a per pupil aid increase for choice and independent charter schools;
  • Investing $30 million over the biennium to continue the governor’s initiative to support school-based mental health services statewide;
  • Reaching 33.3% reimbursement for special education; and 
  • Increasing the low revenue ceiling from $10,000 to $11,000 per student. 

The voucher per student increases are as follows: K-8 from $8,399 to $9,500 and Grades 9-12 from $9,045 to $12,000. Charter school payments increase from $9,264 to $11,000 per student. The $50 million for reading and literacy is tied to separate proposed legislation also announced earlier today (post on that coming soon) by GOP legislators.

The shared revenue deal dumped the referendum requirement for Milwaukee Co./City and replaced it with a requirement that 2/3 majorities of the county board/common council are needed to increase the local sales tax. A requirement for Milwaukee Public Schools to employ 25 school resource officers remains in the deal as announced today. Stay tuned for further developments…

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