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Legislative Update

Gov. Evers acts on several K-12 bills passed by the legislature

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Legislative Update Blog, State Issue

Signed into Law

Senate Bill 373, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 89: Requires the Department of Public Instruction to create an online portal, available beginning in the 2023-24 school year, that displays financial data collected from all school districts, county children with disabilities education boards, and independent charter schools; and  

Aimed at fostering financial transparency, this new law creates an 11-person advisory committee to develop and report a set of recommendations to the department by Feb. 1, 2023, including recommendations on the categories of information that will be accessible to the public through the portal and the resources necessary to implement and maintain the portal.

The WASB supported this bill.

Senate Bill 555, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 90: Adds required content to school district curriculum on human growth and development regarding the Safe Haven law, if a school board provides a human growth and development instructional program. 

The Safe Haven law provides a process under which a parent may relinquish a newborn child to law enforcement officer, emergency medical services practitioner, or hospital staff member.  

The WASB supported this bill.

Assembly Bill 220, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 83: Requires schools to annually provide information to parents on youth apprenticeship and creates an exception for providing information on options only available to high school students for schools (e.g., K-8 districts) that do not serve high school grades.

The WASB was neutral on this bill.


Senate Bill 454, a massive overhaul of the reading readiness program, included new state mandates relating to screening, assessments, interventions, parental notifications and reporting requirements but provided no additional resources to help schools implement the mandate it would have imposed.

WASB opposed this bill. Governor’s veto message.

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