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From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“After Gov. Tony Evers used his veto pen last week to send tens of millions of dollars more to schools than what lawmakers approved, Republicans are seeking to limit the governor’s veto power over future state budgets.

“Sen. David Craig of Big Bend and Rep. Mike Kuglitsch of New Berlin are proposing to amend the state constitution to prevent Evers and future governors from using their veto authority to increase funding levels in state budgets passed by the Legislature.”

Wisconsin’s governor is considered to have the broadest, most powerful veto authority over spending bills in the nation even after two previous limitations on veto power were approved in 1990 and 2008.

A constitutional amendment requires adoption by the state Senate and Assembly in the identical form in two consecutive legislative sessions before it goes to voters for approval in a statewide referendum question. The governor has no role in the amendment process.

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