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From the Dept of Justice Office of School Safety:

The Adolescent Mental Health Training and the Threat Assessment Team Course required as a prerequisite for the second round of funding will be provided by the DOJ for no cost to the school. However, the school will need to cover the costs associated with travel to the training such as mileage, lodging, and meals. It is permitted to use grant funding to cover these costs if it is identified within the budget spreadsheet submitted in Egrants.

Schools can send as many teachers and counselors as they see necessary to the Adolescent Mental Health Training. However, DOJ will only cover the cost of the tuition for 10% of the school’s teachers and counselors. Any additional staff costs would need to be requested in the budget.
DOJ suggests that your budget narrative and budget excel spreadsheet includes two separate line items. One line item for the 10% of staff where  tuition is paid for by DOJ, and requested travel, meals, and lodging is paid for with grant funds. A second line item for any additional staff training above the 10% to include tuition, meals, travel, and lodging. This will make it clear to grant specialists when approving school budgets. The tuition for additional staff above the 10% requirement is $180.00 per person. 

Please contact the Office of School Safety at

Editor’s Note: It is our understanding that the required Adolescent Mental Health training under this grant is the Adolescent Mental Health Training for School Resource Officers and that this training will be delivered by the National Association for School Resource Officers.

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