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Organizational Consulting Services



The WASB Organizational Consulting Services provide member school districts with a wide range of services in analyzing and evaluating systems and programs, developing master and strategic plans, and resolving unique challenges. The WASB Organizational Consulting Services are designed to provide experienced, objective and non-biased assistance to member school districts on any issue before them. See below for more information.

Does your board need help…
Developing a master plan?

In order to perform at high levels, school districts need a written plan that embodies community values, educational best practices and an unrelenting focus on student learning. This written plan can be achieved through systematic, comprehensive, and analytical processes.

The WASB is committed to assisting school districts in conducting an objective assessment and analysis of WHAT YOU KNOW about your district.  This includes the full understanding of educational trends, student performance data and the current state of the districts program structure, finances and facilities. The WASB is also well equipped to assist school districts to have a clear understanding of WHAT YOU BELIEVE, and most critically to assure a clear ear is open to what your community believes are their expectations.

More information

Analyzing the impact of systems and sub-systems?
Based on local school district needs, WASB consultants can customize their assessments to particular systems such as transportation or food service to help districts assess whether they are operating as efficiently as possible.
Analyzing the impact of programs?
Based on local school district needs, WASB consultants can analyze a district’s programs serving students and/or staff to ensure that the programs are meeting the needs of the district and the board’s goals.
Building system capacity?
All districts want to maximize their resources. The WASB can help districts build their system capacity – financial and personnel— to maximize instructional improvements.
Understanding school funding?
Understanding Wisconsin’s complex system of school finance is truly a challenge. The WASB can help board members develop a basic understanding of state general equalization and categorical aids, the financing of various student learning options, the revenue limit, and the school levy tax credits.

Board members may also find the Investing in Wisconsin Public Schools a useful, hands-on tool to provide an understanding of the variables, stakeholders and nuances of financing Wisconsin’s public schools.

Understanding and using data effectively?
The WASB provides Data First training to help board members and administrators learn simple practices to effectively organize and present data to the board and the public. The training offers key questions to ask any time data are in front of you. Participants do hands-on exercises to put the principles into practice. Core concepts come from Data First for Governance, a research-based, board-tested workshop series developed by the Center for Public Education and the National School Boards Association.
Studying the potential for reorganization or consolidation?
Districts potentially facing the need to reorganize or consolidate can benefit from an external, objective review and assessment to determine the viability of reorganization or consolidation and its implication for the district.
Meeting an emergency or short-term administration need?
The WASB can provide emergency or interim administrative services for specific projects, a leave of absence by a current administrator, or for other reasons as needed by a school district.

If you’d like more information or assistance from the WASB, contact Barry Forbes, Associate Executive Director and Staff Counsel: or 608-512-1707.

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