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Annual Board Development Tool

A joint initiative by the WASB and School Perceptions

Want to improve your school board’s effectiveness?

Start by taking the complimentary Annual Board Development Tool online survey. Created by School Perceptions and the Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB), the survey is designed to help boards identify their areas of strength and alignment as well as where further dialogue and discussion is needed.

Access to the Tool is complimentary for all WASB members.

Sept. 1, 2020 Update: The Annual Board Development Tool is being updated. The 2020-21 codes will be distributed later this fall after the revised survey tool is ready. In the meantime, districts may continue to use their 2019-20 codes and survey links.

More Information About the Tool
Using the Key Work of School Boards as the foundation, the Annual Board Development Tool allows board members to rate their work on:

  • Board Operations
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Budgeting
  • Planning
  • District Operations
  • Policy
  • Community Engagement
  • Vision
  • Culture

Board members have the ability to participate on their own schedules, allowing time for individual education and reflection.

School Board Survey, Statewide Annual Board Development Tool Reports Boards’ Successes and Areas of Focus,” Wisconsin School News, October 2016

How to Take the Survey and Access Your District's Results

1. Use any computer with Internet access.


2. Go to the website


3. Enter the Survey Access Number you received at your WASB Fall Regional Meeting.


4. To view the aggregate results after each member of your board has completed the survey, go to and enter in the special project code and password included in the administration packet given to your board at the WASB Fall Regional Meeting.


Individual member and district codes to access the survey are distributed each year at the WASB Fall Regional Meetings. For those districts not in attendance at the Fall Regional Meetings, informational packets with the unique codes are mailed in November. If your district needs another copy of its packet or if you have any questions about how to access the survey, please contact Sheri Krause, WASB Communications Director at 608-512-1705 or


Unique codes are generated each year so be sure to use the codes generated for that year.


Follow Up Services by School Perceptions and the WASB (Optional)
Once a district completes the survey, it can access its own aggregate results but the results will only be useful when the board reviews and uses the data to drive planning.

Additional steps can be taken if a district wants an analysis and/or a facilitated discussion about the results.

  1. Upon request, School Perceptions will provide a written report (fee-based) that provides:
    • Itemized state comparison;
    • Itemized longitudinal comparison; and
    • Itemized index to the Key Work of School Boards.
  2. If a report is requested from School Perceptions, the WASB will provide an additional, complimentary analysis with recommendations for next steps, which may include working with WASB staff and /or consultants on Customized Leadership Services.
  3. The WASB is happy to facilitate the conversation and assist you with the development of your plan.

Link to School Perceptions’ Annual Board Development Website

Sample Reports
Annual Board Development Report Vision Sample

Annual Board Development Survey Results Sample

Contact Information:

Wisconsin Association of School Boards
Guy Leavitt, Director of Organizational Consulting Services

School Perceptions
Bill Foster

Governance image
All seven members of the Green Bay Area School Board responded to the 2015-16 Annual Board Development Tool, and we used the results summary to guide discussion on our roles and responsibilities during a board retreat.  It was a great tool.  I would recommend this process to other boards as well.
Mike Blecha

Former Green Bay Area School Board Member and WASB Past President

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