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Wisconsin School Board Week

Planning Kit

To help districts recognize their school boards, here is a listing of resources, including a sample press release, recognition activities, a sample resolution and more. Our theme this year is “Launching Our Next Generation.”

Sample Materials
2023 WASB School Board Recognition Kit – Microsoft Word
2023 WASB School Board Recognition Kit – PDF

  • Activity Ideas: Simple ways to recognize your school board. PDF
  • Sample Resolution: Encourage local governments to adopt this resolution recognizing Wisconsin School Board Week. PDF
  • Sample News Release: Place this sample press release on district letterhead, customize for your district and share with media. PDF
  • Sample Opinion Column: Place this opinion column and share with local media to promote your school board and public schools. PDF
  • Sample Letter to Employer: Thank your school board members’ employers for supporting their involvement in public school governance. PDF
  • Sample Social Media Announcements: Use these announcements to celebrate Wisconsin School Board Week on your social media. Remember to tag the WASB and use #WISchoolBoardWeek! PDF
  • Canva Graphic Templates: Use these Canva templates for a quick and easy way to recognize your board members on social media and your website:

Canva Tutorial
If you’re new to Canva, here’s a quick guide to using these templates. You’ll need to start a free Canva account.

  1. Click on the template you’d like to use.
  2. Create your free Canva account.
  3. In the upper left, click on the “Uploads” icon then “Upload an image or video.” Upload images of your school board member(s). 
  4. Your uploaded pictures should appear when you click “Uploads.” Drag each one onto a frame (the circular images). Drag your logo onto the square image. 
  5. In the upper right, click “Download.” Choose your file type (PNG is usually best for social media and websites). Then click the download button and you’re done.

We’ve recorded this brief video tutorial about using these templates:

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