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WASB thanks Governor for supporting school boards, local control

In this Thanksgiving season many of us are taking time to express thanks in a variety of ways.  Yesterday, WASB Executive Director John Ashley wrote to Gov. Evers to thank him for supporting local school board decision-making during this difficult pandemic.

As we reported in an earlier blog post, Gov. Evers publicly supported school boards during a recent press conference where he was asked about a call by the state’s largest teachers union for the state to mandate uniform “return to school” criteria on all school districts in Wisconsin.  When asked to comment on that request, the governor responded that local school boards, administrators and teachers statewide were “doing their best” and there are places where in-person instruction is “frankly, working well” and that it is “a difficult thing for us to sit here and talk about it being a one (single, uniform) answer to 420-some school districts.”

The WASB appreciates that the governor recognized that school boards and administrators are doing the best job they can as they make difficult decisions that balance the science and their own community’s circumstances. 


Resolutions to be considered at 2021 WASB Delegate Assembly now online

The Report to the Membership on Proposed 2021 WASB Resolutions has now been posted on the WASB website.   The report presents the resolutions that were advanced by the Policy & Resolutions Committee and will be considered by the 2021 WASB Delegate Assembly along with the rationale for each resolution.  

The WASB Delegate Assembly will held on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. This year, for the first time, the Delegate Assembly will be held using a virtual format.  More information for delegates will be forthcoming, including specific information about how to participate in online format of this year’s Delegate Assembly. 

School leaders and others who are not delegates will be able to watch a streaming video of the proceedings of the Delegate Assembly. 

Watch the WASB Legislative Update Blog for more information.

DPI readying rule changes to provide teacher licensing flexibility during COVID pandemic

Many school districts across the state are facing teacher and staff supply challenges that have been made worse by the pandemic.  As we reported in an earlier blog post, the WASB–along with other K-12 advocacy groups–has urged legislative leaders to take up and pass a set of statutory changes to address, among other things, teacher licensing flexibility, and potential revenue losses due to fluctuations in September pupil counts.

In response to calls for greater teacher licensure flexibility amid that challenges posed by the pandemic, the DPI has initiated rulemaking changes to Chapter PI 34, the administrative rules chapter relating to teacher licensing.  The department is referring to these changes as “Licensing flexibilities during a pandemic declaration” in its scope statement. (more…)

OSS releases updated edition of the Safe Schools Legal Resource Manual

OSS releases updated edition of the Safe Schools Legal Resource Manual

The Office of School Safety has announced a newly updated 6th Edition of the Safe Schools Legal Resource Manual is now available for download here:

Many of the issues addressed in the manual will also be discussed in a WASB webinar tomorrow:

Webinar: Interactions with Law Enforcement, Part 2: The Legal Considerations, Sept. 29, 10 am

Whether or not they have a school resource officer, schools will need to work with law enforcement. This legal webinar explores issues such as parent notification, staff presence during interviews with agency personnel, student rights, searches and more.

Registration: Not Required


September 15 deadline to submit resolutions approaching

September 15 deadline to submit resolutions approaching

WASB LogoWe want to remind member boards that the September 15 deadline for submitting a resolution to the WASB for consideration to become an official policy or position for the Association is quickly approaching. Before a resolution can be submitted, it must be officially voted on and approved by your board.

To submit your resolutions to the WASB, you can use the following new and improved form: 2021 Resolutions Submission Form

Here’s a refresher on how the WASB resolution process works and why it is important: (more…)

DPI Releases COVID-19 Flexibility Framework, District Flexibility Applications

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) released its new COVID-19 Regulatory Flexibility Framework this morning (Friday 8/7) via a letter from State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor posted to the District Administrators’ chronological email webpage.

The framework consists of two parts: a COVID-19 flexibility application form and a series of policy provisions on key topics to address districts’ flexibility needs.

The policy provisions begin with the information attached to the State Superintendent’s letter, and cover topics such as pupil count dates, transportation, licensure, school nutrition, and the school day milk program. (more…)