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La Crosse students lobby lawmakers to name tiny frog as state amphibian

Children testify at a House hearing.

MADISON — La Crosse fourth-graders who heard spring peepers chirp from a school pond asked Wisconsin legislators to make the tiny frog the state amphibian, WKBT-TV reported.

The quest to have the peeper represent the state tied the environmental curriculum with studying how proposals become laws, teacher Kris Franzini told the newspaper.

Kids said their nervousness quickly abated.

“When I started talking, I was nervous,” Ian Honaker said. “But after awhile, I wasn’t.”

WisconsinEye has video of the children testifying.

Read the full story and watch the video at the TV station’s website.

The spring peeper, a small frog.

The spring peeper is a small frog found across Wisconsin.

Altoona football players brave pie in the face to read to kids

An Altoona football player reads to kids

An Altoona High School football player reads to children.

ALTOONA — Altoona football players are reading to third graders, who, as a reward for reading, will be able to toss a pie in a player’s face, WEAU 13 News reported.

“At that point we’re promoting reading and making reading a cool thing for kids to do because to get good at reading you have to practice,” Altoona Head Football Coach Chad Hanson told the TV station. “Each kid who reads 400 minutes will then get their name put in a hat, and then we draw one name and that name will get to throw a pie at the football player that their class adopted.”

Read the story and watch the video on the station’s website.

Milwaukee schools program eases transition for refugee children

Students listen to their teacher.

MILWAUKEE — A small Milwaukee Public Schools program is easing the transition of mostly refugee children whose families come from around the world, according to a story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The program teaches these children both content and the English language to prepare them for high school. 

“Education is a lifeline for these people,” Kalyani Rai, an associate professor of urban community development at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee who works on refugee issues, told the newspaper. “They’ve lost everything. And now the education of the children is everything.”

Read the story on the newspaper’s website

Green Bay students raise perch, practice aquaculture

Green Bay students raise trout in class

Green Bay high school students are raising trout at school while learning about aquaculture.

GREEN BAY — Green Bay high schoolers are raising hundreds of perch for sale while using byproducts from the process to grow plants to eat, according to WFRV-TV.

“The trout back there, they were like this big,” Student Lab Assistant Ben Haines told the TV station, indicating a small fish with his fingers. “Now they’re probably like 14 inches or so.”

The fishes’ wastes nourishes edible plants.

“I can get from seed to market-sized lettuce and greens in six weeks,”  agriscience teacher Tom Sebranek said. “So we can cycle that throughout and actually feed our own schools fresh stuff that we wouldn’t have to worry about.”

Read the story and watch video at the station’s website



High school students compete in Milwaukee auto show

Students work on a car at Milwaukee auto show

Wisconsin high school students compete in an auto show in Milwaukee.

MILWAUKEE — Wisconsin high school students recently took part in an auto tech competition at a Milwaukee event aimed at spurring interest in automotive careers, CBS 58 reported.

Two of the six-member student teams won a chance to go to New York and represent Wisconsin in a national auto technology competition, according to the story.

Read the full story and watch the video here.



Fond du Lac students team up with experts to build ice shanties

Fond du Lac students pose with ice shanties they built

These Fond du Lac High School students worked with area businesses to build two ice shanties. From left are: instructor Vern Widmer and students Lillian Cornils, senior; juniors Alexander Braatz and Xavior Harmsen, senior Logan Miller, freshman Isaac Wuest, seniors Landon Spies, Cody Breister, Samuel Mengel and Parker Zimmerman and junior Jared Cotton.


FOND DU LAC — Students at Fond du Lac High School contributed to the region’s annual sturgeon spearing season by working with skilled laborers to build two ice shanties, according to a story in the Fond du Lac Reporter.

They were part of the school’s ACE Academy, which stands for architecture, construction and engineering.

“This experience, including working alongside skilled labor, was invaluable for the students,” said Vern Widmer, building construction instructor at Fondy High.

To see the full story, including a video describing the experience, visit the Fond du Lac Reporter’s website.