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Capitol Watch: Both houses in floor session, Assembly education committee will vote on proposals

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Legislative Update Blog, State Issue

With the clock ticking on the legislative session, lawmakers in Madison will meet for a busy week as they hold votes on their final policy initiatives before adjourning. K-12 education issues will take a central focus this week, with the Senate voting tomorrow on 6 bills previously heard by the Senate Education Committee. The Assembly Education Committee will also be meeting tomorrow to vote on the bills the committee heard testimony on last week. It is expected that the Assembly will also be convening at the end of next week. This means the bills recommended for passage by the committee tomorrow, will likely form the bulk of the chambers remaining education-focused action.

Read below to see the bills set to see action this week. As always, please reach out to the Government Relations Team if you have any questions.

Senate Session

  • SB-367 — Relating to: Guaranteed admission to University of Wisconsin System institutions and technical colleges and requiring high schools to prepare class rankings for certain pupils.

    • The Assembly previously passed their version of the bill, as amended, back in November. However unlike the Assembly version, the bill before the Senate was amended to align the bill with concessions agreed to by UW-Systems, as part of an ongoing negotiation between the legislature and UW. If the Senate passes the bill as amended, the bill will have to move back to the Assembly for their approval.

    • View the WASB’s previous blog post if you would like more information on this bill.

  • SB-549 — Relating to: Allowing representatives of certain federally chartered youth membership organizations to provide information to pupils on public school property.

  • SB-742 — Relating to: An alternative teacher certification program for an initial license to teach.

  • SB-917 — Relating to: Student teaching requirement for teacher preparatory programs and granting rule-making authority.

  • SB-971 — Relating to: Early literacy programs administered by the Department of Public Instruction.

  • AB-510 — Relating to: Rights reserved to a parent or guardian of a child.

    • If passed by the Senate, the bill will move to the governor’s office.

Assembly Education Committee

Read the WASB’s previous blog post for more information on the bills in the executive session.

  • Assembly Bill 688 — Relating to: reductions to state aid paid to school districts for payments to certain independent charter schools.
  • Assembly Bill 900 — Relating to: reductions to state aid paid to school districts for payments made under parental choice programs and the Special Needs Scholarship Program.
  • Assembly Bill 1024 — Relating to: notice to the parent or guardian of a habitually truant child.
  • Assembly Bill 1025 — Relating to: definitions related to truancy.
  • Assembly Bill 1026 — Relating to: prohibiting grade promotion on the basis of absences from school.
  • Assembly Bill 1027 — Relating to: funding a truancy reduction grant program and making an appropriation.
  • Assembly Bill 1028 — Relating to: a truancy reduction grant program.
  • Assembly Bill 1029 — Relating to: including truancy information in the school district and school accountability report.
  • Assembly Bill 1034 — Relating to: participation in interscholastic athletics and application of the public records and open meetings laws to interscholastic athletic associations.
  • Assembly Bill 1042 — Relating to: combining the choice programs and granting rule-making authority.
  • Assembly Bill 1050 — Relating to: position authorizations in the Office of School Safety and making an appropriation.
  • Assembly Bill 1069 — Relating to: mandatory early literacy professional development.
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