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LFB: Tax collections exceeding projections; State general fund update

Advocacy & Government Relations ImageThe Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) released updated tax collection numbers and a report on the status of the state’s general fund heading into the 2025-27 state budget debate. The fund still contains a healthy balance primarily because the governor and legislature have not been able to come to an agreement on how to spend it.

From State tax collections through the month of April are up 0.9% over the year before, slightly ahead of the 0.4% growth that the Legislative Fiscal Bureau had projected for 2023-24. (more…)

DPI releases end of legislative session memo with key takeaways for school districts

The 2023-24 Legislative Session officially wrapped up last week with the Senate voting to override several of the governor’s vetoes. The legislature will now stand adjourned until the next legislature is inaugurated in January 2025 (unless the governor calls a special/emergency session). In the wake of this action, the department issued a memo which provides summaries of enacted K-12 education related legislation along with links to additional resources. Read more on the DPI’s website.

Senate votes to override several vetoes including one teacher pipeline bill

The state Senate met today to vote on overriding many of the vetoes that Governor Evers issued this session. This included SB 917, a bill that WASB has been tracking, which raises standards for student teaching in teacher prep programs, and requires the establishment of a DPI teacher apprenticeship program. In his veto message, Evers claimed the bill was unnecessary, citing an ongoing pilot program between DWD and DPI, and that it would create uncertainty for candidates in currently operating teacher preparatory programs.

Republicans currently hold a supermajority in the Senate, and furthermore one Democrat left the chamber earlier this session to hold a position as a Circuit Court Judge. The Republicans, however, are two votes short of a supermajority in the state Assembly. This means to override a veto they would need either two Assembly Democrats to vote with all Republicans (or be absent) to successfully complete these overrides. There is currently no Assembly session scheduled, and it remains unclear if/when they will take this action up. Read below for more information on SB 917: (more…)