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One of the most important steps in developing relationships with your state lawmakers so you can effectively advocate for your students and districts is to get them into your schools.  Back to school events are a great opportunity to do so. Even if you do not hold a formal event, you can invite them for a tour.

These sorts of events or tours are a great opportunity to “educate” your legislators. While you certainly want to show off all the great things you are doing, also make sure to take the opportunity to inform them of your challenges and needs. The more time your legislators spend with you and your students, the more likely they will be to support your cause (or at least understand it better).

Take photos of the visit and post them on your website and social media. If your local newspaper covers your meetings, invite them to take a photo for the paper.

If your legislator was particularly helpful on a particular issue or with regard to the state budget make sure to thank them for their support.

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