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Advocacy and Government Relations Services

State and federal legislation has a direct impact on the choices and decisions made locally. By getting involved and making your voice heard, you have the power to shape laws, rules, and regulations passed down from state and federal lawmakers.

As a school board member you have more influence than you realize. No one else represents both the children and the taxpayers of your district. No one else is better positioned to tell your district’s story based on personal knowledge, the strongest and most persuasive argument one can make. If you don’t tell your district’s story, who will?

The WASB Government Relations staff advocates for the WASB Legislative Agenda and the policies adopted at the annual Delegate Assemblies, but we are only as strong as our members.

The WASB encourages you to get involved as an advocate for your district. We’ll provide resources and regular updates to guide you so you can be the most effective advocate possible and communicate regularly with your state and federal elected officials.

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