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Report to the Membership 2019-20

Built on a tradition of providing high-quality service to member districts, the WASB is proud to be at your service. With your membership, you have a statewide voice in public education and your district benefits from valuable member services. Below are highlights of the WASB’s work for you in 2019-20:

Advocacy and Government Relations

  • Continually communicated with members through the Legislative Update Blog, Facebook and Twitter. April 1, 2020 saw the highest traffic volume ever on our website and blog, with more than 8,300 views from more than 3,000 visitors.
  • Aggressively advocated for local control of schools, testifying at more than 24 public hearings.
  • Reviewed hundreds of bills in the current session, actively monitoring 214 bills, identifying 56 for potential support and 21 for potential opposition. Formally registered a position on 68 bills (in favor of 44 bills and in opposition to eight) and five budget bill subjects.

Legal and Human Resources Services

  • Responded to 4,429 law-related inquiries from members in 376 districts and provided direct services to 101 districts.
  • Created the New Board Member Handbook.
  • Updated and revised the WASB Employee Handbook, which provides school leaders with a comprehensive, customizable tool to manage all school district staff.

 Policy Services and Information

  • Served 331 districts and five CESAs through the WASB Policy Library and other special policy services.
  • Responded to more than 425 individual requests from members for policy information.
  • Provided the WASB Policy Resource Guide subscribers with early access to new and updated policy language and background information on mandated and hot policy topics.

Customized Leadership Services

  • Continued to provide districts access to the Annual Board Development Tool at no cost in partnership with School Perceptions and provided facilitation services on the tool.
  • Directly served 20 school districts in various projects (e.g. leadership and organizational effectiveness, leadership development, strategic planning and superintendent evaluation), and assisted numerous others through informal consultations.

Search Services

  • Completed 13 successful permanent superintendent and four interim superintendent searches and aided numerous other districts through presentations and advice.

Meeting and Events

  • Hosted more than 60 conferences, seminars, gatherings, workshops, webinars and the annual Joint State Education Convention. Collectively, more than 7,200 attendees participated in the numerous WASB events and programs (a 55% increase over the prior year – more than 3,000 of the attendees participated in complimentary, pandemic- and election-related webinars in March and April of 2020).

Online Presence

  • The WASB website – ­– averaged nearly 5,000 users per month (the months of March and April had 10,000 and 12,000 users respectively with most users accessing the pandemic- or election-related information).
  • More than 3,400 followers on Twitter.
  • Initiated a monthly WASB Connection Podcast.

WASB Insurance Plan

  • Provided timely electronic alerts and expanded its online library of resources for members on an array of topics.

With so many programs and services available to you and your district, the WASB is an
investment in your district’s ability to meet your student achievement goals.

Please visit us online at or contact the association toll-free at (877) 705-4422.
The WASB is here to serve you.

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