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Resolutions adopted by the annual WASB Delegate Assemblies set the policy direction for the WASB and its lobbying efforts. Once adopted, these resolutions remain in force unless amended or repealed.

The Resolutions Adopted by Delegate Assemblies book, containing the collected policy positions adopted by Delegate Assemblies throughout the years, has been updated to reflect resolutions adopted in January 2019.  It is now available online.

Each summer, hard copies of the resolution book are mailed to all school board presidents and district administrators.  Board members selected by their boards to be delegates will receive their own copy of the resolution book in late fall with their official Delegate Assembly packets.

The resolution process is member-driven.  Each member board has an opportunity to put its imprint on the WASB. The process begins when member boards submit resolutions proposing new language or changing existing resolution language.  Those board resolutions must be submitted by Sept. 15.

The resolutions are then reviewed by the Policy and Resolutions Committee, comprised of roughly 25 school board members from across the state representing each WASB region and each type of school district (i.e., common, K-8, union high school, unified, first class city).

The Policy and Resolutions Committee evaluates the resolutions and determines which resolutions will advance to the next Delegate Assembly.

The Delegate Assembly is comprised of one representative from each member school board and each CESA board of control as well as each of the WASB regional directors. It meets annually at the time of the State Education Convention in January.


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