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"Problem solving is problem finding!"

The WASB Organizational Consulting Services provide member school districts with an alternative resolution strategy to the specific challenges and circumstances that confront Wisconsin school boards.

Each district is unique and has its own set of challenges that may require an experienced, objective and non-biased perspective in order to resolve them. The WASB Organizational Consulting Services are designed to be that resource with a focus on Problem, Assessment and Response.

“Problem solving is problem finding.” Many problems go unresolved because the core issue of a problem is not identified correctly. As a result, the symptom may be treated, but not cured, leading to frustration and failure. Problem misidentification occurs when there is inadequate expertise, time or commitment to address the problem.

The WASB Organizational Consulting Services are designed to provide an outside perspective and resolution strategy to address specific challenges that confront a district’s school board and leadership staff. The WASB Organizational Services consultants can analyze key operational systems in the areas of finance, curriculum, transportation, food service, facilities, and personnel. This service will provide a report that gathers data to define the problem, assess the current situation, and provide a response to improve the organization’s effectiveness to address the local challenge in a systematic manner.

There are three distinct parts to the Organizational Consulting Services:
Problem Identification
WASB Organizational Services consultants work with a local school board to identify a particular problem that is hindering the district from moving forward.
WASB Organizational Services consultants can analyze your district’s effectiveness by assessing one or more of the district’s key operational systems and their subsystem components. Through a systemic analysis, specific recommendations are provided which will help boards focus their decision-making on maximizing limited district resources to most effectively improve student achievement.
Whether a district uses the Problem-identification, Assessment services or both, the WASB Organizational Services consultant provides the school district with a written report. The report analyzes the identified problem and/or provides an assessment of a operational system with specific recommendations that the school board can use to plot a course of action.

Organizational Consulting Services Article in Wisconsin School News (.pdf) (901.20 KB)

WASB Organizational Consulting Services can be tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of individual school districts. A consultation may include one or all three of the service components.

Organizational Consulting Workshops

Evaluation - Superintendent / District Administrator (One to two hour session):
Leadership assessment is an integral part of any school district progress assessment.  An environment of continuous improvement requires a developmental approach to evaluation.  Evaluation of the district administrator / superintendent has not been established under the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness Model.  However, school districts need to be ready and informed, by setting a tone for executive leadership evaluation.  This session will provide some insights and meaningful tips for school board members and school leaders to enhance their existing evaluation system and prepare for future changes.

Note: Additional sessions can be arranged to design a local superintendent/district administrator evaluation system for your school district.

Leadership Development of School Board, Climate, Politics, and Communication (One to two hour session):
This session will deal with leadership development of the school board, communication among school board members and the superintendent, the climate necessary for solid communication, and how politics will influence the communication within and outside the school district.

Leadership Team Development for School Board and Superintendent (One to two hour session):
This session will deal with the leadership team development focusing on the school board and superintendent.  Areas covered will be building trust, making decisions, school board dynamics, setting goals, and community interaction.

System Capacity, Administrative Structure, and Administrative Effectiveness (One hour session which could be expanded to two hour session):
This session will focus on task identification and school board expectations as they relate to school system capacity to accomplish tasks and its relationship to school administrative structure and leadership effectiveness when dealing with staff and instructional improvement.

Note: Local school situations will be addressed, if desired, and the session will then be two hours in length.

Please contact a consultant to see how ORGANIZATIONAL CONSULTING can
work for your district.
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