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WASB attorneys have created a model employee handbook to cover district employees' terms and conditions of employment.  Now that collective bargaining has been relegated to bargaining over total base wages, districts need to fill the void created by expiring collective bargaining agreements.  As part of your subscription, the WASB will provide selected employment policies to you and supporting resources titled “Coordination of Policies with Handbook” and “Employee Handbook Updates.”  The handbook is an annual subscription.

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How much does the Handbook cost?

The initial subscription cost to the Employee Handbook is $1,000 with an annual renewal cost of $500. If you subscribe to the Handbook and the WASB Policy Resource Guide (PRG) in the same fiscal year, you will receive a $250 discount off of the Handbook initial subscription cost.

Why would our district want to renew its subscription?

The primary reason for renewing one’s subscription is to gain access to updates that invariably will occur during the upcoming year.  Since its debut in spring 2011, there have been dozens of modifications to the handbook, and subscribers can view those changes in an easy-to-read chart on the WASB website.   Having continued access to such modifications will help ensure that you have up-to-date handbook provisions and—especially if the law in a particular area changes—could help your district avoid unnecessary legal entanglements.

As an added bonus, both new and repeat subscribers will receive the WASB Impartial Hearing Officer Guide, WASB Hiring Guide, and A Guide to Exit Interviews & Exit Surveys for no additional charge.
How is the Handbook organized?
The model handbook is organized into six different parts, includes various model forms and optional provisions, provides links to additional information, can be cross-referenced (for PRG subscribers) with handbook-related policies in the PRG, and covers, among other things, the following:
  1. Appropriate legal disclaimers;
  2. Employment law requirements (e.g., equal employment opportunity, FLSA, FMLA, etc.) and general employment practices and expectations (e.g., accident/incident reports, child abuse reporting, communications, compliance with applicable laws, conflict of interest, copyright, criminal background checks, criminal charges/conviction reporting, district property, drug and alcohol free workplace, financial controls and oversight, fraud and financial impropriety, gifts and sale of goods and services, honesty, investigations, licensure & certification, operating district vehicles, outside employment, personal appearance & dress code, personal property, personnel files, personnel-student relations, physical examination, position descriptions, solicitations, teamwork, work made for hire, workplace safety, etc.);
  3. Statutorily-required grievance procedure;
  4. Pay periods, payment methods and salary reduction agreements;
  5. Work stoppage;
  6. Conformity to law;
  7. Terms and conditions of employment unique to staff covered under 118.22, Wis. Stats.:
    a. Co-curricular assignments letter of intent;
    b. Discipline, termination and nonrenewal;
    c. Professional hours/workday;
    d. Professional growth;
    e. Teacher supervision and evaluation [including mentoring/PI 34];
    f. Leave benefits;
    g. Insurance benefits;
    h. Other terms and conditions of employment;
  8. Terms and conditions of employment unique to staff not covered under section 118.22:
    a. Compensatory time;
    b. Discipline and termination;
    c. Hours/workday;
    d. Additional training;
    e. Supervision and evaluation;
    f. Leave benefits;
    g. Insurance benefits;
    h. Other terms and conditions of employment
  9. Terms and conditions of employment unique to staff covered under 118.24, Wis. Stats.
    a. Discipline, termination and nonrenewal;
    b. Professional hours/workday;
    c. Professional growth;
    d. Supervision and evaluation;
    e. Leave benefits;
    f. Insurance benefits;
    g. Other terms and conditions of employment
  10. Selected employment policies will also be provided as part of the handbook purchase and can be directly integrated into the handbook.
Where can I get more information?
For more information about the handbook, please contact any of the WASB staff counsels at 1-877-705-4422.
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