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Membership Verification Process


The 2016-17 membership verification process is now ready for you to update your district’s positions/titles. At the end of the verification process, when you click the "confirm" button on the last page, both you and the WASB will receive a copy of your confirmation email. Please fill out the Verification Process Form to report your 2016-17 board and district members to the WASB. The instructions below will answer many of your questions or you may find answers on the FAQ webpage. Please contact the WASB with any question or concern you might have.

Due to the unique nature of the WASB memberships and subscriptions, our database requires individual board member and administrator position/titles to be created each year – even for ongoing positions/titles. With our current database system, which allows school district staff to manage their own districts’ membership information, we are asking for your assistance in keeping our records accurate by creating new position/titles for your board members and administrators for 2016-17.

To assist you in registering staff for upcoming WASB events, and to ensure your board and district members receive their communications from the WASB, it is essential to create 2016-17 position/titles for all current school board members for the 2016-17 school year. Individuals who will be employed with your district, and attending WASB conferences, seminars or convention, or receiving communications from the WASB also need to be assigned to a position/title for the 2016-17 school year.

Understanding how the memberservices database processes data

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Below are the instructions for logging in to the WASB membership database and updating your information. Please note that this is a database, each person has a record and information tied to that record, including registrations and subscriptions. As such, please note the following: For the next school year, new records must be created for each member. All 2015-16 memberships will automatically expire the end of the day on June 30, 2016. Until that time, your member list will be populated with both your 2015-16 and 2016-17 memberships

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If at any time you have a question or problem with the new Membership Verification Process, please contact WASB.
Phone:608-512-1731 or Toll Free: 877-705-4422 ext. 1731 weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm.

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Login Instructions

  • Log into your WASB online profile.
  • Click your district's name under the , “Membership Verification” in the left navigation bar.


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Update membership instructions

New this year we have added a position for the indivdual who will be the main contact receiving emails and communications from the WASB regarding your district online database. Please choose Administrative Assistant - WASB contact for this person. If the person serving as the main contact to the WASB is someone other than an Administrative Assistant, please choose both positions.

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  1.  Under the “District Members” tab.
    1. Use the “Click here to add a District Member Position” red button
    2. Select position from the Position/Title drop down.
    3. Select the name of the Member filling this position from the “Member” drop down list.
    4. Click Next
    5. Fill in any missing information for this individual. (Here you will assign your district's WASB Delegate, Alternate Delegate and select the Legislative Contact Network.) If a name change is needed, please contact the WASB.
    6. Be sure answer any required questions
    7. Click next at the bottom to bring you back to your member list.
    8. Repeat the process for each Member who will be with your district in 2016-17 until all members have a new 2016-17 membership.
  2. There is no need to remove a 2015-16 membership unless the person is no longer with the district. 2015-16 memberships will automatically expire on June 30, 2016.
  3. If you have someone who is no longer with the district click the ‘Remove Position/Title’ button next to that person’s name, enter date prior to today’s date i.e.: 2016-04-25, select reason for removal, check confirm and click next. This does not remove the person from your district or from the database. It only ends his/her current position/title.
  4. Once all district and board members have been assigned to their 2016-17 positions, click next at the bottom of the webpage.
  5. District Profile
    1. This page allows you to verify your district profile.
    2. Update any information on this page including:
      1. Number of pupils in your district
      2. District Annual meeting dates
      3. Your board member’s salaries
      4. Your Committees
    3. Click ‘Next’ when you are finished.
    4. Review your district information and click the ‘Confirm’ button at the bottom of the confirmation page.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. The accuracy of your membership is important to you, your board and district members, and the WASB. The Membership Verification process is always available for your convenience. It allows you to update your members and their profiles throughout the year.

If positions change during the school year, the titles of the individuals must be updated in order to ensure that member registrations are accurately recorded and publications are delivered to the appropriate persons. Member names must not be overwritten. For example, if your current board president resigns and a new board president is selected during the school year the following occurs:

  1. The Membership for the outgoing board president is removed by clicking the ‘Remove Membership' button to the right of that person's name. This does not remove the person from your district or from the database. It merely ends his/her current position/title as president.
  2. The new board president is removed from his/her old position/title in the same process as step one above.
  3. The new board president is assigned to his/her position/title by clicking the “Click here to add Member Position” button and assigning his/her name to the position/title of Board President.

If the name of the board president is merely overwritten by the name of the new president, the record for the second president will reflect the activities of the first. Your ability to update a person's name has been removed; please contact the WASB to update an individual's name.

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