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2019 WASB resolutions book available online

Resolutions adopted by the annual WASB Delegate Assemblies set the policy direction for the WASB and its lobbying efforts. Once adopted, these resolutions remain in force unless amended or repealed.

The Resolutions Adopted by Delegate Assemblies book, containing the collected policy positions adopted by Delegate Assemblies throughout the years, has been updated to reflect resolutions adopted in January 2019.  It is now available online. (more…)

WASB sends letter outlining budget positions to legislators

The WASB GR staff recently compiled a letter to legislators outlining K-12 education provisions, some of which have been relatively under the radar, of the governor’s budget that we support.  We focused on the provisions that were not on the list of items that the co-chairs of the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) announced they were not going to consider.

As always, our positions on each of these items is based on WASB resolutions approved by the Delegate Assembly.


WASB Budget Chart Now Online

The WASB State Budget Chart is now posted online.  The chart provides item-by-item details on the major provisions of the proposed 2019-21 state budget bill affecting preK-12 public education.

At this point, the chart  describes the key budget proposals recommended by the governor and how they align with or differ from what was requested by the Department of Public Instruction.

The chart also indicates the WASB’s position on each budget provision.  Those positions are based on the applicable WASB Resolutions Adopted by WASB Delegate Assemblies. (more…)

WASB bill tracking chart helps you follow K-12 education-related bills

The 2019-20 legislative session is in full swing and numerous bills affecting K-12 education have already been introduced.

When legislation related to K-12 education is introduced, the WASB GR staff will analyze the bill and cross reference it with the resolutions that have been adopted by previous WASB Delegate Assemblies to determine what position we should take on the bill.  Sometimes we will not take a position on a bill but will monitor it. (more…)

Gov. Evers will propose freeze on taxpayer-subsidized voucher programs and independent charter expansion

Governor Tony Evers will formally introduce his 2019-21 budget proposal on Thursday, February 28, but over the weekend shared some previews of what will be included in that document.  In the K-12 area, his budget will propose to freeze enrollment in the state’s private school voucher programs (including special needs vouchers) and suspend the expansion of independent charter schools.

Earlier, Gov. Evers had announced his proposed budget would aim to provide “more accountability and transparency” within the state’s private school voucher programs.  As one aspect of this. Gov. Evers will propose including information on property tax bills about the state aid withheld from public school districts in which private voucher pupils reside and the impact this has on property taxes. (more…)