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Legislative Update

Reminder that deadline for submitting member resolutions is Sept. 15.

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Community Leadership, Legislative Update Blog, WASB | 0 comments

When WASB members ask about how the WASB’s legislative priorities are set, we point them to the WASB Resolutions Book.  Resolutions adopted by the annual WASB Delegate Assemblies set the policy direction for the WASB and its lobbying efforts.

Once adopted, those resolutions remain in force unless amended or repealed.  That can mean resolutions can, at times, become outdated or no longer reflective of positions that a majority of WASB member boards currently hold. We encourage WASB member boards to review the resolutions carefully.

The WASB resolution process is meant to be member-driven.  Each member board has an opportunity to put its imprint on the WASB’s policies. The process begins when member boards submit resolutions proposing new language or changing or repealing existing resolution language.  Those board resolutions must be submitted to the WASB by Sept. 15. 

Please keep this in mind as you set board agendas for your August and September board meetings.  For more background information on the resolutions process and guidance about submitting resolutions, please review the Capitol Watch column in the August issue of the Wisconsin School News.

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