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Pre-Convention Workshops

Tuesday, January 17

1:30 – 5 p.m., Wisconsin Center (Registration required, $85)

(Registration begins at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 17 on the third floor of the Wisconsin Center.)

Inclusive School Board Leadership

Inclusive school board leadership for K-12 school board leaders explores the role of the 21st-century school board member, challenging equality and deficit-minded board leadership styles, and the negative impact each has on achievement for students from communities that have historically been marginalized. This workshop will help school board members prepare to engage key constituents from the balcony to the playing field, to ensure their commitment to inclusion is widely shared and openly communicated. Additionally, school board members will learn how to develop an inclusive vision for the board. A vision is a dream or picture of what a board wants to look like at the end of the term, individually and collectively, and identify ways to be intentional about inputting inclusion into board policy and practice.

Kinect Education Group
Dr. Kelly S. Meier, Senior Partner
Megan Heutmaker, American Indian Specialist
Room 203 C/D, Wisconsin Center

School Finance Puzzle

Gain a conceptual understanding of the major components of the Wisconsin school finance system using a hands-on, interactive approach. The presentation team will include members of the Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials and the School Finance Team for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Attendees will become acquainted with the basics of the budget cycle, revenue limits, equalization aid, property taxes and referendums — how these components interrelate and how they impact board decision-making. Leave the workshop with increased confidence in discussing school finance concepts and using this knowledge to help foster an environment of trust in your community for the benefit of students.

Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials
Room 202 C, Wisconsin Center

Coordinating Crisis Response in the National Incident Management System
Do you want your district to be ready for school emergencies? Then this pre-convention workshop is for you.

In planning for school emergencies, educators and their community partners (e.g., law enforcement, fire officials, local mental and public health authorities) become a small but significant part of the national planning community. As districts and schools plan for and execute response and recovery activities through their Emergency Operations Plans, they should use the concepts and principles outlined in the National Incident Management System. NIMS is the United States’ single, comprehensive system for managing domestic incidents, which enables the seamless transition and integration of additional response agencies during an incident. Representatives of the Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association will explain how NIMS works, including its organizational structure; how its parts work together; and the roles of command, general staff and senior officials, including elected officials.

Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association
Room: 202 A/B, Wisconsin Center

A Governance Mindset: School Boards and Superintendents Working Together

Michael Fullan and Davis Campbell describe a governance system as “the school board and superintendent working together as a cohesive, unified team with a common vision, driven by a shared moral imperative.” High-performing board trustees and superintendents understand that in order for school districts to be successful all parties need to be effective. Participants in this session will explore the following ideas related to effective governance:

• Developing one’s own mindset in relations to others
• Communicating effectively and frequently
• Deep learning as it relates to preparation and action
• Performing at high levels while pursuing the moral imperative
• Understanding roles in a trust-based culture and their impact on student achievement
• Aligning actions

Cheryl Stinski, George Steffen and Patti Vickman, WASB Consultants
Room: 202 D/E, Wisconsin Center


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