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WASB Peer Mentoring Program

Would you like to have the guidance and support of an experienced board member?

The WASB Peer Mentoring Program is a complimentary service for school board members – new and experienced. Whether you are new to the board, new to being a board officer or just would like an additional resource, WASB Peer Mentors are available for advice, support and guidance.

Mentors are available to listen to a board member’s concerns and help them identify the problem.

Mentors can support a board member in understanding his/her primary role and responsibility, including:

  • Setting a vision for the district
  • Ensuring accountability for the public
  • Setting district policies
  • Providing community leadership
  • Developing effective board and superintendent relationships


  • Place the interests of children first.
  • Support the board member as a part of the board team to resolve issues at the local level.
  • Understand and support the role and relationship of the board and the superintendent.
  • Support the district’s chain of command.
  • Direct a board member to the WASB if the issue is legal or technical in nature.

Questions? Contact Ben Niehaus, WASB Director of Member Services, at 608-512-1706.

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