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The entire 63 members of the state Assembly GOP caucus signed a letter to Governor Tony Evers detailing a list of goals where that they can work together on in the new 2019-20 legislative session. This comes in advance of a meeting of the new governor and both Assembly & Senate GOP members on Jan. 15. Included in the letter was support for K-12 education:

“Support for K-12 education – Over the past eight years, Assembly Republicans have supported record investments in education, totaling over $40 billion.  Providing adequate resources to our public, choice, charter and homeschooling families is a very high priority for us and we look forward to working with you to meet the historic two-thirds funding threshold that Assembly Republicans set as a goal for the next state budget.”

For context on returning to two-thirds state funding and if it means more resources for schools see this previous post.


“Evers toured a Division of Motor Vehicles facility in Wausau on Thursday and plans to tour the Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake youth prisons Friday.

“He responded to the letter from Assembly Republicans during the event in Wausau, saying, “I’m glad to see there’s some change of heart—tongue in cheek saying that—because many of the things that the speaker put in his letter have been kind of percolating around the Legislature for some time.”

“Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald previously hinted at the idea that Republicans might create their own state budget instead of using Evers’. Vos, however, said that is not his goal and something Republicans will decide after they see what Evers proposes.”

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