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 2023-25 State Budget

Capitol Chat Update

The Capitol Chat is a short(er) webinar hosted by the Government Relations staff on the state budget and other legislative updates at noon on Fridays.

Stay tuned for new Capitol Chat announcements as we get closer to the 2023-24 legislative session.

Latest Updates:

  • 12/15/22: Legislative Update posts added

State School Funding vs. Inflation

The below chart shows how allowable per pupil spendable resources–measured by annual per pupil revenue limit adjustments and increases in per pupil categorical aid—have consistently lagged the annual inflationary adjustments that were allowed from 1995-96 through 2008-09.

In sum, the green bars show the per pupil inflation adjustment that would have (should have?) been provided each year (had inflationary adjustments been continued).  The blue bars show the per pupil adjustment (if any) that was actually provided.  The red bars show the cumulative per pupil impact of the failure to adjust school resources for inflation.

The chart illustrates that if Wisconsin had simply maintained the previously allowed inflationary adjustment, our public school districts would have received $3,160 more per pupil in the current (2022-23) school year (and that’s not factoring in the current high rate of inflation).

Here is a video from one of the WASB fall regional meetings in which Chris Kulow explains the chart:

State Support for Public Schools Hasn’t Kept Up With Inflation from WI Assn of School Boards on Vimeo.

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