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About the WASB

The Wisconsin Association of School Boards is dedicated to serving as an advocate for education and students. A nonprofit organization, the WASB seeks to advance education through supporting the tradition of local school board control of the state’s public schools. We are a member-driven organization that supports, promotes and advances the interests of public education in Wisconsin.

To fulfill our role as public education advocates, the WASB:

  • Offers an array of services that address current and emerging local needs.
  • Enhances board governance through innovative training and leadership activities.
  • Enhances advocacy on issues affecting public education by informing members.
  • Collaborates with other organizations.

The WASB team of experts range in skills from advocacy, leadership development and board governance, legal, policy, and communications. Review the At Your Service Brochure for an overview of services and products. The WASB can customize a response to a district’s unique needs and requirements. Check out the highlights of WASB’s services in 2022-23 in our Report to the Membership.

WASB membership includes Wisconsin public school boards and Cooperative Educational Service Agencies. The association is governed by a 15-member board of directors with rules laid out by the WASB Bylaws. The association’s 2023-24 condensed budget is available here.

The WASB was founded in 1921, when school board members met in the Capitol in Madison to create the Wisconsin Association of High Schools and Graded School Boards. The first president was W. W. Albers, a Wausau school board member who also served in the state Senate for 10 years.

WASB Equity Statement and Services
We affirm in our actions that each student can, will and shall learn. We recognize that based on factors including, but not limited to, disability, race, gender, ethnicity and socio-economic status, not all students receive equitable educational opportunities. Educational equity is the intentional allocation of resources, instruction and opportunities to meet the specific identified needs of students and staff in the local school community.
(Approved by the WASB Board of Directors, June 2018)

June 2020 WASB Equity and Racial Justice Statement (June 15, 2020)



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